Saturday, June 15, 2019

Never had anything like it in my life time

That you wouldnt get sleep, bag for sanity on streets in foreign country while being attacked with directed energy weapons, life threatened, rush on bike to hour distanced job at 0400am, and get mugged by police for everything incl. documents after everything was destroyed is just a bit over extreme.
Quote taken from her wall/facebook page. Told under MKultra in advance case would be.

Translated: "It sure hurts awareness that I am source of your deepest sorrow".

I am left speachles. I can say I went through numerous situations which were totally irrational/idiotic and designed to crush individual fir the past 11 months - provoke immotions in one as were countering(designed to sicken mind) healthy principles of logic in one, but latest one is a drop over the edge.

She sure found her way out of lie$$$$$ which she created.

Inhumane, degrading, uncivilised, and violent...I cant find words for this. I used to lough at it for 11 months...I no longer do. Feel good about yourself girl. You did accomplished goal.Next one in line please...

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