Monday, November 5, 2018

I weight 80kg and for the most part are muscles

No sugar(no diabetes problems found) in blood is what I was told  but I was told to come back in respect to head scan tomorrow(head scan was done today - no right blood pressure was found either).

None of this was necessary. If Kaczynsku would have done as I told him to, Poland would be a wealthy place and economically powerful(meaning that Russia and Ukraine would have future based on real prosperity - stable economy based on ability to produce which would meet demand/need).

Instead of that, we have political option(same in Slovenia where Pahor did his part and we have now again thanks on borders with Serbia) which lead into wars/terrorism, hatred, division and what will become again economical nightmare.

This is why's because you wanted the upside down way Mr. Kaczynsku...none of these was needed for me, nor Ukrainian or Polish people(even less Russian), but you want it that way...

I built Russia and was s***(Putanowich Putanowich was hiding behind me and my ideas for no less than 12 years just as a novice is hiding behind experienced worker) and now it's time to build what should have been already long time ago.

What do you care who CEO/owner of the company is as long as people have jobs and state a positive budget !!??!?

Does it matter if Pole/Czech(Slovenian/Croat) etc. owns companies in Russia/Serbia as long as those function well !!????

I see this whole thing as ultimate bagger of the West against whom in return we even rattle with nukes...

I learned more from Kaczynsky than anyone else. Man is extremely intelligent, and you have to love him(is a good hearted person and he invested in young people with devotion), but is this really necessary ?!!???

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