Monday, November 5, 2018

COMING NEXT: Met American(MKultra staff member) at the hospital who helped me with MKultra timing but wouldn't give me confirmation of one + store/bar location @ apartment location of an individual with dog whom I have recognized in the forest

Thank you to Colorado man(English teacher). Serbs and Russians have tortured me so much(they have also brought me here in 2010/2013 and even 2015 to confuse me about time) that I didnt have guts to say 2005.

But I remember you told me this exactly is what you would do in case I would miss timing and girl you were was the same ad well.

You have also suggested in 2005(prob. 2004) that I couldn't prove that your leg was broken already in 2005 as they would create documents in such form(your leg was broken like this in 2004/2005) that would cover you in the future when meeting at this very location.

I just want to thank you sir(a bit surprised to get such support from American although you were one if the nicest people around as far as my memory takes me) and looking forward to meet you again's tough when they do what was done to me by Serbs in Slovenian psychiatric hospital...again thank you.

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