Saturday, April 13, 2024

HOW PHOTOS WERE STOLEN DURING SO CALLED MK ULTRA - British theft of my personal photos in home in Novo mesto went through several stages

During first stage deep interest was demonstrated by British and Americans(CIA) and Germans in my photos - it was used to drive Russo Serbo Slovenian side absolutely a second stage die to my being Slovenian nationalist and
(next to torture in Russia, Serbia, entire Balkans, Slovenia - thats exactly is what black hatred uncle Tom business $$$$ served to)
and what America/UK/Germany financed for the sake of Russia and Serbia, photos were to be confiscated. The confiscation stage by British went on in several phases by Charles making preliminary photos for his private and MI5/MI6/CIA collection and using Milan Kučan(someone to blame finger into - someone to hate blame for it all) to announce/issue infront of my face to police entire selected photos confiscation. Boxing years and some military photos as well as photos from my youth were stolen with police investigators and even nurse Janko making copies of photos for themselves which were to be used to them in case I would manage to bring case to the end as a form of redemption for torture committed - same as with British royals and/or replica of what British/CIA have done it with Germans to protect their interests dictating me work with us to get your proofs about theft back. First is a copy of photos for their own collections - and secondary a theft via domestic Slovenian pro Serbian enemy Milan Kučan to suggest me their own option as a valid/justified one. As for the two options were in bed with one another since my age 1. Became inseparable in abuse from one another and its how greater that Great Britain Amerikkkaaaa Deutschland Holland built their relationship with Russia/Serbia and rest of the world...torture for hire $$$$...we have a man without past and without future - attention, dead man walking. Utterly 52 years.

Some of these stolen photos were shown to me at times during MK Ultra to even remind me of photo theft...the thing is it made no sense to me as it appeared more and more my entire life was stolen. Everywhere I would turn in my life, rage/theft destruction of my property surrounded me. Thats British - as real British as it ever gets and as one ever managed to record their human nature....

Slovenian military never stopped with torture(I was hijacked to military installations where I served and to other military locations)  for duration of its existence and its crime went on also during transition into solely professional military while on the West and for purposes of POLITICAL SELF PROMOTION BY POLITICIANS I was used a mascot(suggested my being their role model while tortured $$$$ at the same time) for anywhere from Marines to Green berets, navy you name it

All I wanted WAS for me to be useful not even appreciated - it was not good enough. They wanted me dead, but WITHOUT MY DISCLOSING FULL ACCOUNT ABOUT WHO WAS BEHIND IT ALL. British have with Americans and Germans eventually once my health was deteriorated enough conditioned me life and even medical procedures necessary to save life with truth. Beginning 2015 when it became evident a bit longer stay in the psychiatric hospital would result in imminent death.

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