Saturday, June 4, 2022

Physician Oliver Ilić who received me two days ago at General Hospital Novo mesto due to COVID was one of the main Serbian engines implemented against by Belgrade via Ljubljana

ILIĆ was handpicked as physician by Serbian Aleksandar Vućić(SAME AS HE DID WITH PSYCHIATRIST TATJANA PROKŠELJ WHO THEY INSTALLED IN HOSPITAL TO CAUSE PROBLEMS AND THEN TRANSFERRED TO BEGUNJE WITH IDEA TO RECEIVE ME THERE IN FINAL PROCEDURE - IN BEGUNJE ARE ONLY PATIENTS WITH SUICIDAL TENDENCIES AND SERBIA WHO MILAN KUČAN AWARDED MY LIFE WITH BELIEVED WILL BE IN CONTROL OF ONE FROM BEGINNING TO END IN SLOVENIA THROUGH USE OF PSYCHIATRY) who selected one for crime against me at the general hospital Novo mesto - reception(emergencies department what makes whole thing even more obvious) unit "if necessary". Serbs have had entire circus going at the local general hospital in Novo mesto - walked hospital back and forth like gestapo. Took me to several physicians and hospital director to explain me how things are in the city of the Novo mesto. Little they understood with their Slovenian counterparts that I will destroy one by one till none is left on the picture. Despite unpleasantness, I would like to thank Mr. Vućić for his lessons to me in my native Slovenia 
Oliver Ilić indicated extremely STRONG CHETNIK tendencies as early as in 1999 and since...had to calm down to stay on picture, but he cause numerous problems and stated a lots of lies. He held me on several different locations to confuse on his office where he went to work after completion of university in Ljubljana.

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