Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Mother bought some FEVER REDUCING medications thanks to which I am probably even alive(difficulty breathing, swallowing, unbearable throat pain, and weakness)

 Nancy Pelosi stated me that if I state virus(this very virus) was used under MK Ultra, I will be rated as schizo and MUST NOT SAY so.

Truth, however, is that Americans evaluated my body response to one by subjecting several of their own to one next to Slovenian side....nobody made it without going to hospital via urgency services. They were done really fast(it was in and out procedure - as early as the next day for some), but whole thing could be used to again make me disappear as was promised case will be. If I would stated as seen here, that virus could be supplemented with adding another one what would take any proof from me is what Nancy Pelosi(both with husband heavily involved since 1995) claimed. I will have to go to hospital even that whole thing to me looks like regular hijacking procedure just as the case was in Poland where they played at large with virus incubation via food stored.

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