Tuesday, March 15, 2022

ACCORDING TO PUTIN AND OTHER WAR CRIMINALS FROM KREMLIN, EVEN VIDEOS DEMONSTATING ME WOULD BE USED FOR MILITARY BRAINWASH PRIOR TO ASSOULT ON UKRAINE: Most hated and wanted by Kremlin's Ukrainian is no other than Turchynov(the more individual pro Ukrainian patriot, the more one was wanted)

And Romanovs from Londonia tried to label him as nazi at all costs - used me on several occasions to denegrate him(associate him with lies which they were not capable to fabricate against one regardless). Moscow had a WANTED list passed onto Buckingham palace through whom they attempted to obtain "evidence" https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2022/03/londonian-parasites-for-me-to-properly.html against mentioned by using me in exactly same way as was done in Turkey against Turkish state to demonstrate world after massacre in Ukraine why massacre was necessary(according to top Putin's people and Putin alone)

I know entire British media background - even when certain media house moved to another location(2 did) over course of the years. Basically were all located in same area with exception of two...whenever brought back from covert operations, I would land on perhaps one occasion at media houses but 99% of the time journalists reported straight to royals...and from there proofs(OFTEN TIMES I WITH "PROOFS") were loaded on plane and off to Moscow - straight into the hands of Kremlin...

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