Sunday, April 4, 2021

MK Ultra: On my way to Virgin Mary Church (Trška Gora), I identified against at night yet another individual and girl because of whom we two gout into most severe fight in 1998

 One of the nicest and first involved in MK Ultra Virgin Mary Church (Trška Gora) area was man whom I identified yesterday in pitch dark. It was all good till damn Tanja(Tatiana) appeared on picture. Her parents have either had a weekend house up there or have inherited or purchased one from uncle/relative/friend(she wouldn't give details on it) - they started to remodel one in 2001 completed work in 2003...he didn't get any(I even less and its why he got a lot from me for playing with me under MK Ultra) and Tanja got married to a Slovenian(I even think blonde light skinned guy)

I haven't met her yet in real time in person, but here you have it - audio is coming. Knew about his sister, knew that she is from Vrhnika area(Notranjska region), knew where older ladies he cared for are located(side of the road) and knew about Tanja's location for whom he claimed knows her only 2 years and he had more ladies hehehe...thanks man. All audio recorded.

Bringing women on picture during MK Ultra for fun meant only one thing in my case - a lots of problems for you amigos and sometimes even for them ;)

Time 2055 - again pitch dark.

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