Saturday, April 3, 2021

MK - ULTRA - Identified(at 2040 hours - pitch dark last night) was lady involved in MK Ultra since 1995

 Teased me with marriage issues in 1995/1996, but was sister from man whose farm(house next to one) was sold I think in 2012 - her brother lived with mom on that farm, but because one didn't take proper care of one he was removed once mom passed away(politicians who would commute to this church of Mary's birth on Trska Gora eyed house and its how one easily can become permanently jobless is what I think happened). Her house to where no one can come  because one is fenced is brick made but surface covered I think with wood - very special house. Her daughter got married in 2005 I think and she did something to her house(added t one something - but balcony is covered with wood according to my memory) in 2003 even she denied do...
I think she was)perhaps still is) employed in Krka pharmaceutical company.

She was the last one in 2003 to insist me in area per politician Borut Pahor/Vucic on how she gave up one me - she never did as she did as she promised would.

Since daughter got married in 2005 lol, its obvious she teased me with marriage in 1995/1996/1997 whenever brought from US.

I mention this because I walk on that road quite often and don't want anyone to come up with idea that someone gave me info about it - I audio-recorded whole thing on one audio session even that during meeting with her I wasn't sure exactly who she was(just one minute latter I was). Likewise several other residents from area were already identified...

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