Friday, April 2, 2021

Father who supposedly is completely demented due to his age started Orwellian speech to me after I released video concerning yet another killed individual on Ratez

They had a job to act crazy(violent and crazy) - understandable at this point.  I get why destruction of shoes/clothing and other items...Watch whole video as I added comment toward end of the video.
Video can be also seen at

Genetic issues which Kremlin involved against me will cost Russia and Serbia from my view any future cooperation with the two. Walls can't and shouldn't stop people from crossing(are a must to ensure contraband entry into state), but laws can ensure existence of both groups on each side of the border - specially of those born in area which may find itself under immigration pressure for whatever reason. 
I feel immigration is a healthy factor because one demonstrates equality in a global society in-front of global community which part we are. Am against immigration restricted to only an immigration from certain area as explained in video...I am for equality among immigrants alone(in our tiny country, Russian and Serbian immigrants are given privileges not only to when compared to other immigrants or refugees who arrive from other parts of the world if they are allowed to stay here on the first place and are at times discriminated against, but even against us natives alone for the sake of new SFRJ)

That I would go for allowing one to catch himself/herself doesn't even cross my mind...I have a human dignity you know. I am a human not idiot/animal.

This is how great Russo American human experiment ended after 26 years.

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