Thursday, April 1, 2021

Father who supposedly is completely demented(played dementia since my return from Poland) due to age started Orwellian speech to me yesterday after I released video concerning yet another killed individual on Ratež

 Started to talk to me in semi schizophrenic Orwellianist speech(didn't even explain what he is talking about - what he regards) about mechanic(electrician) at Ratež that will not help me because he works for police and that if he would police would lock good amount of people at once and that he fears police himself and blah blah blah - was he talking about his help toward me which concerned 2011 during which one on behalf of police lied to prosecutor/police about me as instructed by prosecutor/police, so they could hospitalize me or was/is he trying to incite people into imprisonment paranoia is unclear - demented, however, my father is not/knows very well what he is doing...all audio recorded. Related to

Clearly again instructed by police to blah blah blah blah blah blah...

Sound to me like a DESPERATE attempt to stop the unstoppable.

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