Saturday, August 17, 2019

Warszawian fascistoids kept two options open in my MKultra case and will rather have me lose money(they try to cash with exhtortion whatever they can get) than to bring ine to Poland

Kaczurinski which somehow managed to get case to Poland(this was the death sentence for me and there is no doubt about that - whoever Scandinavian/ British/ Dutch/ German is that you betrayed me this way for everything I have done for you) had two things on his mind:

1) Create case big enough to exhtort EU./US(what Trump instructed him to do to obtain some discounted military arsenal which transactions were completed during my stay in Poland 2018/2019) with it and even collect bribes from parties interested to look the other way if wiling to pay(Germany alone owes 2 billion Euros to me personally according to contreact which they have again presented in 2013 - up from innitial 500 mil. Euros in 1998 before MKultra case was taken from EU to Poland) whatever.

2) Face off legal consequences for genocide performed by Polish state infront of international society via lies(know nothing) once country became identified as main perpetrator - I did identified one in August of 2018 Zakopane/Nowy Torg documentary. They had a line of safety mechanisms ready "if" international community would recognize case.

Its why we had two way play all along and its why country alone is where it is. Warszaw rather pushes money away(causes as much as possible damage and collects bribes from interested parties) than to hold itself responsible for own autrocities.

You were able to see that during my stay in Poland nothing but busines proposals in form of roses were sent to Musk(was my MKultra manager) alike people. At the same time I was addressed as German(still am) and even told in entry to Poland where applying for political asylum in 2018 by immigration authorities that Germas entered me in European database prohibiting me from applying for political protection anywhere on territiry of EU and so on...nice

They will try and did tried to sell me back(lose money) rather than facing truth, but what is new here...perhaps that betrayal/cowardice became an act of new kind of patriotism.

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