Wednesday, August 21, 2019

VIDEO FACTS ABOUT CASE - Who did poisoning radiation in Grotnikih bent new glass frames(why play with glass lenses which were ruined - Kaczynski dreamed about one in 2003 already) stolen bank info punctured bike tire during purchase process of tires via internet Colorado Criss's(I understand Trump's son out of wedlock) adventures

Video part one(1) can be also seen at

There is possibility owners of this busenes have used another facility to confuse me about developpment of one via MKultra(entire history of building which I claim to know - I can break one with detailed description of what went on in there before one turned into what is today unless I was lied about), but keep in mind that I identified neighbor accross the street and am willing to take chance on one(ask questions about how it all developped into huge building). Video part two(2) can be also sen at

Police officer from Zgierz's headquarters(his son is in Norway he didn't mind to reminded me when we met at police station in 2018) took me several times across town in 2015 via MKultra procedure and have insisted on my using bike as well as being video monitored 24/7 in the future when brought to Zgierz. About Chris's(go to our original audio in English at Mc Donalds in Zgierz - its how Chris remineded me on agreement between the two - if Donald is his real father and US government didn't lied) new short hair style KEEP IN MIND THAT I MOST LIKELY WOULD IDENTIFY CHRIS'S MOTHER IF PHOTO WOULD BE SHOWN TO ME AND MORE !!! There is nowhere to run.

What geantleman looks like out of natural causes and its what I was told will look like in 2017(most likely in 2015) when brough to Poland infront of his entrance


Polish state did this !!! It doesnt matter even if even on behalf of Russia(Russia have some cleaning to do in respect to Putin's family - that name stank entire world and not only country) !!!

I am more than willing to undertake any lie detector tests on mental evaluations in respect to above stated and written IN EDITION TO ALL PROOFS ABOUT MKULTRA IN POLAND ALREADY SUBMITTED. 

Zgierz police dared to suggest me via MKultra that things wouldnt go through if I would talk about Zgierz police on videos etc...have they expected me to point my finger aliens till burried in the grawe !!????Above mentioned individual and few other also conditioned their cooperation in revelation of case with proportions of views on Donald Trump. I cite, "if you will talk against Donald Trump, we will turn against you rather than helping you out"(I thank them for this type of tip :)))).

Well, investigation is now completed(there are few other points in game, but main facts are gathered)

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