Saturday, August 10, 2019

DEAD: Trump gets his paedo camrade Epstein murdered(knew a bit too much about Trump) and blames Clintons for it

The only problem despite most likely setting them up with lies prior to execution is that Carter/ Clintons never murdered. They fought against MKultra and are promoting normal of assoult rifles free country.

Not even closest paedo friends with whom Trumpus shared some very intimate memory behind scenes(American KKK boss is a paedofile himself as you know) are safe from his tantra. Trump is nooot choosy on how to get read off when his life is in question. How many were murdered so far under his presidency and likely even under Obamas(Obama was a pigeon compared to this neonazi beast) !!??

Trump's loyalty to you as a friend only goes this far😁😂😂😂 sorry


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