Friday, August 2, 2019

Situation with glasses - update(all audio recorded)

After I visited local pistal office(#1 branch Dolga street, Zgierz) on several times and ensured they have written my name, my address, and package number, and instructions on how mail will instead just wait for me at the pistal office - glasses were delivered at my address and note fir pickup was left there on Friday July 26th, 2019.

I enquired about glasses on Monday at local pistal office and pistal clerk didnt want to know anything about it despite tracking online abd assurance from Chinese lady on how package was delivered to me at home on Friday already. After severe arguments( this very clerk was involved in MKultra - she and few other postal workers), supervisor lady told me that package was in fact delivered to my address on Friday and existed therefore(countrary to clerk).

Building owner gave according to him and apt 10, delivery note to Apt 10 on this Monday (July 29th) after I had phone conversation with him. Apt 10 gave note to my roomate is what I was told on Tuesday by apt. 10 and roomate, but he took note to another room.

Apt 10 then got note which was not my note from another apt., but with what I checked at local pistal office since I didnt suspecy pissibility of beyond insane at lical pistal office on Thursday just to be first told by again how my package doesnt exist since notes belonged to other guys in building) and my online tracking info was insuficient on what male supervisor told me tgat my package was shipped back to China already on Friday since I didnt list apt number(everybody receives mail via one common for all pistal box). Then story changed that I didnt spell street correctly - in fact that street which I specified(copy pasted one from Google maps, so I know it wss correct one) exists in another city in Poland(with building A and even Warsaw sent one to my proper address and was even delivered !!???) and so it has to return back to China.

All above stated is audio recorded.

You can see that others didnt even specifiued buildinbg number propery and they get their mail.

What do I need glasses for - I am better off blind heh.

And niw I have it - one year practucally withiut glasses. Blind like a mouse. Work in Poland fir broken socks, stolen bikes, stolen documents, was without even telephone for two montgs, and destroyed/stolen whatever glasses...and to listen coughing arround me wherever I go.

I am very happy at lical forest. In tent and fully armed with single tea spoon🙊🙈💂ohh, no. You will not see me paying fir this type of services any time soon. Got good night sleep after while.
It was building 20A, unit 1a - you can see that others from same building dont have problems like I do.


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