Thursday, August 8, 2019

Just waiting for US government to bring animal down

It wont take long when it comes to uncle Sam

A white supremacist, white nationalist, neonazi, fascist...well, more than anything he is an old deranged(miserable) lunatic angry at life to exist. He lives to hate hate hate(for whatever to be called you have to be someone something - he is a nobody who steals ideas and work from others and yet needs to learn that Belgium is not a city). Lives to cause pain/suffering to others because he was allowed time and again to get away with crimes for which others would serve 1000 life sentences. He needs to cause pain/ suffering to others so one doesnt feel alianated in his world(is mentally ill as it gets - a real threat to sanity).

Spent life in hideout from US laws(tax laws and all other laws than apply to general population). Animal learned to bring pain/suffering(his reality show in which everything is allowed and in which you dont have to agree to "participate") to other countries in the name of political negotiation game where he couldnt be held accountable(for betraying me even with bwhat grew into most csevere physical mental torture, Russians gave Trump full autonomy status from laws accross the eastern Europe - man is a KGB parasite now nested even in White House) Has audacity even today when accused of mugging US tax payers to look down on IRS on behalf of Russia as if one is a joke

Deserves 1000 sentences of Epstein/Blagojevich. Deserves life(death raw) sentence which will equal at least somewhat to ordeals he created to others.

" Animal" because he often timnes used term for others whenever he deemed those needed to be destroyed and than included incident with young innocent man from Wisconsin in Poland who was provoked in one via torture. Otherwise, I respect/love animals(nothingvto hate about them).

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