Sunday, August 25, 2019

Good chance exists Donald Trump alone(Putin 100%) is as well schizophrenic

Just read article

I cite from article, "national emergency, 300-500 billion, trillion...".

No doubt THE CHOSEN ONE " president" is mentally sick, but I had no clue its so severe. China(enslaved by Western capital since times of opium war) eventually managed to become develloped over time thanjs to work. Coming up with agressive racist statement like this rathervthan increasing import taxes if needed, clearly suggests above stated.

American psychiatrists have already defined Donald Trump as national emergency and if American people won't act soon, there will be one in the country.

America became supervcwealthy country thanks to China which performed for one as well as for Western Europe a FREE labor/workforce. American companiues Hewlett Packard, Compaq etc. FORTUNATE to invest in Chinese heaven. US military built parts in China foir most suffisticated weapons, Trump alone took stolen from US taxpayers money to China yet he insults one with schizophrenic statrements rather than act as required.

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