Thursday, August 8, 2019

Third private lodging in Poland where I was tortured under MKultra ends with more lies - claim I didnt ask for three montgs kease after four days of rental, so I cant register myself at local city registration location.

This is a new contract - manager which had me in this guesthouse for torture no less than for 10 years I was brought here for MKultra torture knows nothing about my asking here for 3 months contract just 4 days ago - finally got ahold of her today after several phone calls and personal attempts I have made. She lied on phone that I never asked her about 3 months possibility and I need to get out after month. At city office yesterday I wad liued on hiw her number doesnt work and owner not manager has to type contractfir noless than 3 montgs for me to register. At same place where I wad previoulsy even told to leave Poland Trump style.
Women pose in Poland with children for all the wrong reasons I realised(they bombard streets wherever I go). Luckely women West of Polish border give birth to children too.Its okay. Iam begining to understand the drill. This is third landlird in Poland to pave Trump Kaczynsdki's exit path from Poland for me via violence. Iam not surprised.I preferred firest over this place where I was lured by individual from previoys hostel and where I wad reccomended tocomeby Zgierzpoluce officers. I expected this to happen.

All this was designed to throw me out of this beautuful country after one commited unimaginable crimes against me personally - city Zgierz where Hitler commited autrocities just 70+ something years ago and where memorials are dedicated to lical victims.

At city registration office in Zgierz where same ladies are employed as they threatened terrorized under MKultra with just what will be done to me in case I will decided to stay since I am a neonazi, German IDs of Poles during WW2 are hanging on wall...Zgierz remembers.

I am glad it does remember.Poland;however, will also learn to remember that one created neonazi issues in me along with Russia deliberately so my life could be ruined domesticaly in US then Slivenia and worldwide. Poland is responsible as such also for WW2. Nothing suggests that same was not done before one in Poland with idea to create one. I condemn neonazi Germany as wellas Hitler as much as possible(Germany created me nothing but problems in life and I refuse one of today - they were the one to start money game with Poland concerning my case after they got case from Scandinavians) for filthy deeds against humanity, but what goes in Poland TODAY is not normal either. It is rage/anger - serious extreme efforts were invested in ruining my life by one. Past and present. Schizophrenic SS attitude in the face with caughing is desplayed all along. Seen nothing know nothing...

Words imprinted in my mind the most when brought to Poland from US for no less than 12 consecutive years," dead man walking..." and answer on my question where we are, "city where you will be killed in the future".

What this country is doing inside of EU or rather what kinds of expectation EU has from one is something I would love to know. Does it have something to do with Brexit ? Is Poland part of bigger German game used to oust lets say UK  !!??? Its a game in which most vounerable are hurt and one doesnt favor Poles as nation, so I wonder on whose behalf/why.

Bestial. Blood thirsty Poland needs nazism...Poland needs hatred just ad Russia does. Because opposed to Russian teritorial thirsts, Poland commenced negotiations with Germany for WW2 reparations - it is understandable therefore.

Anti$emiti$m when it comes to Jewish WW2 reparations in Poland and as seen here - 😁😂😂😂😂lets see what they will have to say about it all in EU/UN.,


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