Saturday, August 17, 2019

Laptop battery seems was mugged as well at Grotniki's immigration center and external hard drive sipped with sugar/sand

brand new laptop's battery bought in 2018 used twice the most has now 10/15 time before dies and sugar+sand were used to fill well protected external hard drive. This is specially protected hard drive which had no sand or anything even when opened, but when first layer of protection was removed, it was quite evident what Russian Chechen terrorists anticipated. Both operations were done for me to use them in future - I have no way to identify damage in Grotnikih on either of the two, but before use, I did luckily checked situation(hd would go bad if used).

Battery cost was 50 Euros(yet another 200 Zloty) aznd is composed of 18500 cells which seems were replaced by whatever - will open one(they also broke tip of battery to let me know what to expect and by whom was done - detected already in center before I left) and see what is in there...

90% of Chechens liked me and were good people(they even gave me food); however, 10%(not even 10% - perhaps 4individuals) complied with orders against me from Ruskies(Kaczynski). Those few had control(piramid)which was used to create fear environment over them as well.

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