Sunday, August 11, 2019

Ambitious criminal which crushed Slavic relations for his personal ambitiins is riding bike with hooligans in occupied Crimea while police deals with Russian protesters in Moscow

Wanna be Russian tsar which murdered over 13.000 Ukrainians, ripped Crimea and Eastern part of Ukraine from Ukraine is riding bike with smile on his face in occupied Crimea while facing greater and greater backlash home and abroad. Is determined to set even example for Americans on how Trump should handle them in the future(turned Moscow into neonazi alike occupied territory where Russian citizens aline are frequently facing police - id checking on entry/exit to/out of city).

1.6 meter tall Putin riding bike with manly biker which ensures his safety(holds him, so future tsar wouldnt fall off bike😁😂😂😂). Wav what a sight...
But beatings are real observer and many other outlets report

20 milion Russians survive on $140 per month and racism(gay people, political disudents, people of Mongoloian/Chinese origins, Muslims, peopke with presence of Asian DNA, Ukrainians, Poles, abd others are frequent targets of discrimination and racism) is reaching unbearable levels accross the Russian federation. It will get much worse.

Social engineering - this is when you or your friend/relative/partner is jobeless, psychiatristrs becomne interested in you increasingly, local police not interested in assisting you after you are setup with problems either at work/private - they and court system instead turn against you abd so on...
You turn for solution to drugs/ alchohol or run accross the border where systematically DESTROYED.

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