Friday, May 31, 2019

Shoot Babushka - Not Putin

Stalin was served hot tea, Putin gets instead for his "well performed work" 200 billion USD and a custom limousine. Beyond sickening. 

Internet gone, prohibition to even mention word "government", 20 million Russians on $140 per month, 13000 corpses in Ukraine(stolen Crimea and Easter part of Ukraine - two brothers in war for ethernity), terrorism accross the Europe, and so on...he got a lot a lot for NOTHING(for stealing whatever I personally brought to negotiation table and turn it into terrorism/war tool against brotherly nations) !!!!

Russia 2019 = 100 years behind West technologically(and is falling behind with astronomical speed) and 500 years in respect to civilisation(there was way more democracy accross Europe back than when compared to Russia of today).

State run by violent SHIZOID and few others willing to disregard basics of human neccesities just because they can(human life worth to Putin as much as last year snow) !!! 

Without North Korea/Iran, Russia as we see today couldnt even exist(is on a buttom of the letter). In fact, I feel sorry for both to follow suicidal instructions from Moscow.

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