Friday, March 1, 2019

My job is not to bag anyone for proofs related to crime which lasted no less than 23 years

In Poland ongoingly for no less than 8 consecutive years(was brought back occassionally to confuse on timing for another 9 years). My job is only to remind you of what you have failed to disclose for no less than 23 years.
With me, you dont accomplish anything with threats(it works exacly the opposite as you already know from and via Slovenia whom you have also used to get things done your way) which you belived would help you out via MKultra...

You should have spoken to my schoolmates to understasnd my character(beginig with those who attented class #1 of elementary school) as I haven't changed even a single millimeter ever since. It is even crazier to belive I ever will.

Not >>I<< as you insisted and insisted under MKultra THE case with bad news would be if I would continue as you referred to see things as "my way"(in reality as an normal human being), but you are the one getting(drifting) further and further away from the shore...each bad news you repeat from MKultra scenario is only a reminder of just how bad intentions you had with me...does you no good. Related to

You have my blood on your hands Poland !!! Will not post photo as stated here is bad enough, but this is a plane fact.

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