Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Hollywood didn't forget about me entierly - dilemma surfaced in 2006 such as, "what about if he will not like it here"

This was posted on 25th last month on Polish as only option which would take someone like myself from Poland back to course its via private agency(no way one can find who friend of friend that ordered add on his behalf is) and for couple, but location fits MKultra brainwash and would even land me in Orange county - not too far from Hollywood.
See for yourself news from 25th I posted on this news site...

No intentions to go any time soon to US or perhaps even ever again...not till I am 100% safe, because I do not repeat mistakes from the past. Went over photos if this very Polish city for which add is addressed and what also was used under MKultra as a code that would match proper add discription.

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