Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Not everything is so dark do

Donald Trump offered goodies to Poland if case would be hushed by Poland. Not only Fort KGB known as Fort Trump, but also some factory would find its way to Lodz' vicinity in the future. Commodity such as environment as something as seen here is hushed by population is HIGHLY desirable according to Donald Trump alone...business people globally are interested in societies where stuff as disclosed on my news site can go unconstrained and is even ghusghed by community. So great times are heading to Poland.

Will issue video on this subject in respect to Donald Trump.

And perhaps other societies globally can also learn now from Polish system and am certain it will be awesome...heading to the better world.

Good times are coming ;)

I have no clue who wants it that way either
and why...Trump is at least per German politics not Popular in Germany, but when one is not popular publicly per certain politic it doesn't mean he is not stooge of that particiular system.

Results(here seen - long term politics on a large scale) talk louder than actions(Trump's elefantish actions on political scene) and actions in most of cases talk louder than words...real question is when to pick what.

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