Thursday, March 28, 2019

I identified new arrival from Warsaw - as far even pointing out proximity of the city in mid East where gentleman is from

That is a pretty darn great guessing if you ask me. 

MISTAKE EXPLAINED BELLOW - Library again closed this morning as I was going to post proof - this the point of Kaczynski's private librarian in Grotnikih.

UN must step in immediately and protect me. I have mountain of audio recorded proofs which need to be released and I have the right to do so.

From area as seen above, I asked geantleman if he is either fromMosul or Irkuk...happens so he is from above seen city(right in between two cities). UN needs to step in this immediatelly. I have similarly identified other residents for which proofs I have...Working on releasing mountain if MKultra proofs

Related to as I do not delete or alter own mistakes nor on this site nor on videos. Mistake is mistake, and I am here to made up for one.

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