Wednesday, March 6, 2019

CNN - Luke Perry's daughter: 'I'm not really sure what to say or do'

Its not so much about what to do in your case, but instead what to think or and not(very important)

In short and from my personal perspective in case you get to read this(I prefer not too but if you do somehow, read this story only and please stay away from the rest), its up to others to do or not and up to you to learn from it all as well as to feel fortunate(as strange as it may sound) for your father's direct death. 

Your father would just like myself(not much age difference there) and most of other active guys out there hate more than anything a slow death on wheelchair which many experience with this type of issue. 

Remember your dad as sensitive, dynamic good looking man from Beverly Hills, 90210 and foremost as great father as he was - someone who lived his life to his full potential and did so, so his kids would too.

Any kinds of negative thoughts at your age should be just sidelined by yourself  - rejected consciously. Not only the worst way to start life, but your father alone would hate the slightest notion of sorrow from your heart that would be related to his death.

Rest in peace Luke(your reading stops here Sophie)...
and the rest of you wake the hell up from the sleep already...issue of Luke Perry doesnt end here but will be instead expanded as one also involves female who was involved with him during time of his death - his new fiance Bauer(she was not so new to him - two knew each other on the side for already very long time and was acquaintained with my MKultra case as well).


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