Thursday, March 7, 2019

Auser Times calls Russians to pass legislation against hijacked Russian neonazi government via streets if neccesary - Its June 22, 1941 all over again

It is June 22, 1941 all over again !!! Fascist with circle of his loyalists who is supported by certain elites from West have hijacked your country dear citizens of Russia. 

Global nazism is in making because Vladimir Putin for already no less than 20 years and small wars just like small lies grow into bigger and bigger disasters till WWII armagedons take over again.
You are loosing today WWII faster than what your fathers/grandfathers were loosing in worst moments of WW2 struggle...over 20 millins of you are on less than $140 per month and the worst is yet to come...

You have forgotten this and even made pact with those who created what you see here !!???????

This is man is not any authority...
This is a thug, swindler, professional liar(faker than fakest watch in this world), criminal, terrorist, and foremost a hater who can only be stopped by you Russians. You only can bring his raign of death to the end and no one else.

Fake news sites are built(financed) by Donald Trump and his team alone, so they can used them as a pretext to silence credible news sites - those of us who expose the truth about their criminal dealings !!!

This news is related to which was released also almost simultaneously. A CENSOR OF THE TRUTH, liar, thief, terrorist, connman, hater, and dictator !!! 

Make no mistake about that.

Russia Passes Legislation Banning 'Disrespect' of Authorities and 'Fake News'

Russian lawmakers pushed through a package of bills Thursday seeking to punish internet users and journalists for disrespecting the authorities and spreading fake news.

Observers have argued that the highly contentious legislation introduced in December could lead to mass arrests due to its loose wording. Free speech and internet activists are scheduled to protest against the law in Moscow this Sunday.

The State Duma voted in favor of the set of bills in a third and final reading on Thursday.

Under the new laws, online news outlets will be fined from 30,000 rubles ($454) to 1 million rubles ($15,100) for spreading “false information that is socially significant under the guise of accurate reports.”

Disrespecting the authorities, including President Vladimir Putin, and state symbols will carry a fine of up to 300,000 rubles and 15 days in jail for repeat offenders.

Offending online news outlets and posts could be legally blocked if the “fake news” or disrespectful remarks are not deleted voluntarily.

The legislation targets online news outlets and exempts traditional organizations including newspapers, television networks, radio stations and online news feeds.

It needs to pass Russia’s upper house Federation Council and secure the president’s signature before entering into force.

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