Thursday, March 14, 2019

Brand new charger BURNED infront of my eyes

Telephone charger was purchased week ago and burned today in front of my eyes via electric current to which access have only owner of the building or maintenance guy Lukas.

Either stollen if 3mah or wtih double USB or stolen and modified into garbage that on one occasion already exploded me in my hands when I pkugged one in the wall. Today, however, when they couldn't steal one - charger was blown by fast changing electric current infront of my eyes. One entire month pay wascwasted on phone chargers alone within 6 month stay here...this people are not normal and nor is police.

Two chargers were plugged tonight - one for two telephones and another one for usb lamp...usb lamp startd to flash due to electric current and I unplugged one as I assumed that was just old charger fold, but I didnt unplug brand new charger and one burned as a resolt in front of my eyes.


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