Monday, March 11, 2019

Thousands of Russians protest against Kremlin's terrorist in respect to his internet restrictions

I have no words for what is happening in Russia...
Mental asylums are well "protected" just as the case is AGAIN with Russia which after all these years didn't get too far from USSR. Russian legal system equals to total curruption and security government services remind those from Stalin's are - they just became expanded on global scale due to traitor in the White house and few who belived that Russia too can like civilised nations and are in its last phase of existance as such(cleanup throught the West already commenced, so they will get one way return tickets at their best). In one sentence, "wars and TERRORISM against brotheley nations and even nuclear threats against entire world"(total internet blockout at home in Russia a must to do for Putan Putanowich).

Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin tried hard and got somehow(foremost via demonstration to the West of rational thinking on level of civilised world what the two accomplished for Russia to be seen as anddddd via my Miami is how) window of opportunites from West and other Eastern European countries open for the next individual, but it was all in vain for nothing as individual selected was/is a regular mental patient, thug, who knows no limits to crime even when it comes to his Russian people. HORROR !!!

This very INTERNET issue is of cruicial importance for existance of Western world(democracies globally) and should be seen as the biggest threat to humanity alone(just as Putin's nukes)...

World must be based on open communication and abilities for existance of all...NOT STALINISM. I hope strictest economic and technological blocades are imposed against Russia...Putin's placement of nukes along the Ukrainian border should result in immediate NATO's armament of Ukraine with nukes and so on(tit for tet and not a lot for less than nothing)...TIME TO PACK PUTIN !!! TIME TO GET RUSSIA BACK ON NORMAL TRACK.

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