Monday, March 11, 2019

Library situation in Grotnikih

Video can be also seen at or

Video can be also seen at or
Didn't want to publish this for women's day March 8th, but can't afford not to publish one either :)))
To late in this business(when dealing with hypocrisy - duplicity, dissimulation, falsity) is only when its too late.

LIBRARY SITUATION(in Warszaw as well as on all other locations) IS THE ULTIMATE PROOF OF KACZYNSKI'S INVOLVEMENT AGAINST ME(why do you think electronic equipment was destroyed to me huh !!???? On whose behalf was one destroyed !!????) IN THIS VERY CASE - EVERYTHNG THAT TOOK PLACE WAS AND IS UNDER

Too late no more.
No more your game with someone else.

hypocrisy, pretense, cant, falseness, pretence
hypocrisy, duplicity, dissimulation, falsity, cant, pretense
hypocrisy, pharisaism
insincerity, hollowness, hypocrisy, obliquity, double-dealing

pharisaism, hypocrisy

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