Saturday, March 9, 2019

Is US Department of Defence on dope !!!????? What exactly is new about Musk getting high !!????

I honestly think dude can't even have sex without dope...cmmo Musk...come out clean and state out LOUD and CLEAR, "I KNOW BASTIAN PERSONALLY AND WAS WITH HIM FOR NO LESS THAN 11 YEARS ON REGULAR BASES...IN FACT, EVERYTHING I HAVE OWE HIM".

You can do so, or you can wait for spaxce rocket to fall on your wallet Mr. Musk ;) I will not fail nor fade away. Auser Times, because my time is coming and I wouldn't trade one for nothing in this world.

You are my MKultra witness(& numer one reader I bet) yourself...go ahead...cough a bit in microphone and say it out loud😁😂

Uhhhh, I cite Elon in 2005, "smoke dope, but not supposed too...will get in trouble if they foud out about it"...did so with babes arround him(nough said).

Elon Musk's US security clearance under review after smoking cannabis

Elon Musk's security clearance is under review by the US Department of Defence after he smoked marijuana on a podcast last year. 

The Tesla and SpaceX founder is resubmitting a form which requires government employees or contractors with security clearance to disclose illegal drug use in recent years, Bloomberg reported.

His security clearance is linked to his aerospace company SpaceX, which is launching intelligence satellites for the US government and is planning manned spaceflights for Nasa later this year. Last month SpaceX won a $297m (£226m) contract to launch satellites for the Air Force.

A capsule launched last week with a dummy nicknamed "Ripley" aboard, a reference to the horror film Alien, successfully reached the International Space Station and is due to return to earth this weekend. 

Mr Musk smoked the drug during an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience show in September last year, telling the host that he wasn't a regular user. It is legal in California, where the show was recorded, but still illegal under federal law, and government employees aren't allowed to use it.

A memo circulated in 2014 by former director of national intelligence James Clapper, which is still in force, states that marijuana use "raises questions" about an individual's reliability and suitability for sensitive national security positions. 

A spokesman for the US Department of Defence said: "For privacy and security reasons, we do not publicly discuss individual clearance status."

The incident also prompted Nasa to undertake a safety culture review of SpaceX and Boeing, another company with which it has a commercial contract. 

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