Saturday, May 12, 2018

Regarding Muslims in Slovenia

I have not had yet a conflict with one...Bosniak have one time even saved my life from Serbian attackers who managed to damage my ear drum in right ear at age 19(about ten of them attacked and the two of us managed to even defeat group - I was hit in ear by boxer tool and without this individual, I would be writing you any of this today)....

No one is more radical and dangerous that Belgrade - Moscow - Ljubljana....and they do use blame and shame tactics when murdering people...

Irani/ Iraqi/ Lebanese and so on...never had a single conflict with any of them - met many many of them...a real threat in Slovenia are Slovenian Moscow/Belgrade politicians and it starts with Borut Pahor and ends with Janez Jansa(THE SAME THING - ONLY DIFFERENT WRAPPING).

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