Saturday, May 26, 2018

I exercise about 5 and even more hours a day(over two weeks already like this).

But pressure sound no longer goes away...crickets can barely be heard whenever I go for a walks...

You will not win this game scum. You will never ever play with my brain again(as long as I live you will  not...I was even told under MKULTRA that when dead, my brain would be even transported to German Karlsruhe and this by Merkle's neonazi team)

Filth is what you are that turns decent human beings into what is depicted on this site.

 Ljubljana/Moscow/Belgrade's politics have proven to be not worthy even of dog's life...

I am very disappointed with Tel Aviv as well(continue to do as you wish, but you never ever will see me and whatever you will see if I do fail somehow, it won't be me).

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