Monday, May 21, 2018

Montenegro rejects Kremlin/Belgrade world of genocidal politics

There are Russians here in same town as I am in Slovenia and happy to be as far as possible from motherland(they are pleased with life here in Novo mesto and very critical of what is like in Russia)...I disbelieved their views for a long time, but do understand that Putin's phenomena is no different from Stalin era with what grew into support from West for the sake of new global takeover(real NWO) imperial uncle(proudest Montenegrin ever who was Yugoslav general and loved Serbs and Russians just as own people) wouldn't believe his own eyes per whats happening....but is happening Milis(Milislav)'s happening...

I am frankly proud and touched by decision of Montenegrin people(tiny  nation) to stand up against politic like this(Montenegrins always were like this - they are proud/honorable people who will stand up for what they think is right regardless of how big foe is).

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