Saturday, May 26, 2018

I have no idea about what is going on

Can't even sleep any longer as sound in my ears(pressure) is driving me insane(attacks do not end or might have ended leaving me with something unbearable in my head). Will visit the doctor on Monday to see if we can do some scan in case there really is such thing as John McCain and even Netanyahu suggested would be = a brain cancer that would be "cured"(this cancer would only cure them from financial and other liabilities and not me as if one exists it is end of the road for me) in Isreal.

They dreamed under MKULTRA on scenarios on how my laptop and other equipment is all wired with GPS(and other positioning) systems and how it would panic everyone if I would depart without one anywhere(that I would be followed wherever I would go) and so on...bestial scenario folks...I tell you bestial. 

Not interested in meeting absolutely anyone(goodbye niece from Netanyahu for now) at this point - till I know what is going on. We met once in real time only(Budapest), all other stuff was under MKULTRA.

They told me under MKULTRA that person can be driven totally insane via use of direct energy weapons....they guaranteed me I would be driven insane with them...then indicated above stated issues which they have done to other victims before is something I must not allow to happen. It is something I must stop at all costs. Bestial...totally bestial world of psychiatry(butchery).

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