Monday, May 28, 2018

5 hours of work more and then am out again ;)

What went on entire time is impossible to tell(last 9 years, I lived for work only). I have reduced exercise enormously and got done what nobody could even dram possibly could be done. Last 8 months was difficult in particular, but still everything was done. It did marked me with total lack of exercise do and am now making up for lost time in forests/snow...nature didn't appeal to me as much as one appeals this spring/summer in a very long is beautiful around here(green/river already 15 °C and is as such great for swimming/beautiful forests and hills)...

Preparing for meeting with police tomorrow and thats about it...come and visit Slovenia for hollydays(not a same gesture for elites - pay what you owe first and then goof around !!!)...

Main reason why I was immobile this winter (when you go for a short walk and whole skin fells of your foot is not any fun - even less when sleep is replaced on daily bases with pain that would make one scream).

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