Friday, May 25, 2018

At the police station since 12 this morning(waiting for my turn to file criminal report against psychiatrists involved against me - was told will have to wait till 1600 hours as no one was/would be available till then).

Leader of criminal department Andrej Štefanič was confronted face to face today(inside of police station) and reminded that he not only knows about MKULTRA incident that went on between 1998 and 2006, but also that one was in-charged for one.

This is the individual who handled entire case(logged all meetings per Slovenian police about what went on not only during my presence whenever brought from US to Slovenia, but also neighbors interactions with psychiatrists who were preparing whole ordeal with directed energy weapons and destruction of the property).

He left embarrassed(with head down) from the scene...

Other two from Novo mesto police are:

Novo mesto's chief of police Janez Ogulin - individual who have gone as far as providing either direct or indirect training(criminal practices) of perpetrators against me. 

Commander(probably a substitute of chief of police Janez Ogulin) of the Novo mesto police station Tomaž Slak


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