Monday, May 28, 2018

Going to police today

According to MKULTRA(ohh yes we did go over already all this via MKULTRA where I was subjected to torture - all the criminal investigators with whom I am in engaging in discussion process at this time were involved in special details concerning safety of elites which gathered in our Novo mesto's house for no less than 8 years), all as seen here will be turned down at the same time by local and special state police departments, but we will continue with process as if MKULTRA never happened and after its all turned down as if nothing ever was turned down till justice is served. Yes, this is beyond brutal, but I will not back down.

This is what elites have done for me(compare my situation and what I have gone through with many who came here for a visit few times and became billionaires - Elon Musk as an example)...and this is what makes me different from Nordic Aryans who gathered in this very house...this is how much we Slavs are worth to the West.

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