Monday, May 7, 2018

STOP REDCOATED NAZISM: I say bring over(GIVE THEM REAL PROTECTION UNLIKE CASE IS WITH USA/ UK/ BERLIN and so on where KGB murders even ordinary citizens from the Eastern Europe with gov. assistance) good Russian and Serbian people who demand democracy in their countries and deport those who stand for terrorism even against us in our countries

Poland, Croatia, Czech, Slovakia do you read this !!????
RELYING ON TRAITORS IS NOT THE WAY TO GO AS THEY TAKE VOICES FROM US AND THOSE WILLING TO DEFEND THEM...WE ARE THE ONE WHO MUST ENSURE THAT PEOPLE WHO CONDEMN KREMLIN/ BELGRADE/ LJUBLJANA'S ABOMINATION GET REAL CHANCE(the only way to deliver Russian and Serbian people the truth is to give those of them who are exiled based on political persecution a real chance to express themselves)...NEONAZI WEST IS BASED ON NOTHING MORE THAN BETRAYAL(they are taking away from us what is truth to promote genocide against real Russians /real Serbs and us in our own countries)

Not giving them real chance to express themselves and disseminating hatred against certain ethnicities is only a fast track to the graves(our own graves as it gives politicians chance to disseminate one against us)...Give chance to us, Russia, and Serbia...defend democracy with real weapons that work and not lies...

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