Monday, May 7, 2018

I allways was like this

Everything around me collapsed(incl. Twin Towers), but I never ever did...its been like this since my childhood.

My life almost impossible to descibe in 1000 books...I once even lost $30.000 USD in a single day via New York stock market exchange which I have saved on close to minimum wage in took me about a week to get back on my feet and make no mistake I got up to take(absorb) some more what others see as "loses"(its also what sets me appart) wasn't once or twice(I invested more and more was stolen from me incl. in Slovenia where about $4000 was stolen from me when I invested in shares of Slovenian bank) have happened numerous times and state(GOVERNMENTS) belived how one really has chance against one(they go after people when those are in distress etc.), but it all failed...

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