Monday, March 14, 2022

Things you do not want to do as a president of the country attacked

State on how you would never use nuke against enemy state

State how withing enemy state, there are only two people on whose behalf war is waged against your country

Collect deserters from opposite side in large numbers claiming world and lie yourself how "tourists"

whom Putin sent to cluster your country and spy have rather surrendered themselves than engage in war against you(this obese guy works for Putin - imitates Americans while praising Ukraine in the middle of the Moscow) and while one is annihilating your cities one by one with weapons of SUPER mass destruction AND EVEN engage with one in-front of international audience whether is dirty or clean bombs you use to defend yourself with...

In a total war, one must use and do whatever it takes to defend its national interests - existence and this without apologizing itself or rationalizing the steps of the enemy in this case acting with war against Ukraine since 2014.

I learned under case of my own that "good" existed so evil should too if you see things going wrong way.

I do nuke you out of existence and then want to discuss with you whether was clean or dirty bomb I used like Putin as is seen from above is doing in Ukraine. 

 For those that surrender a regular camp imprisonment - you don't want them to become your tourists at your expense - ask UN to feed them or put them to work....a real Russians against war as media accents, instead should immigrate to Ukraine to join Ukrainian military against "Putin" with arms raised in their hands as everything else is a bull s***.

Finland was a small country that defeated USSR but just as in Chechnya(and much more than what Russians knew awaited them on the other side), Fines and Chechens were both unwilling to engage in above with Russians...they remained focused on their existence stating case as clear as possible...

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