Monday, October 5, 2020

Will charge Andrej Babish(Babiš) with assasination atempt and Czech republic with genocide(extermination) at EU Court for Human Rights

Will charge Andrej Babish(Babiš) with assassination attempt and Czech republic with genocide(extermination) at EU Court for Human Rights.

Video can be seen also at

I was told Czech republic will do stuff so bad to me it will be questionable if I will be capable to even move on with life afterwards(claim of American psychologist involved in MK Ultra concerned this very theft as well as destruction of car). Now, I get it....

They ALSO meant to us(not myself only, but others who helped - Czech republic state attempted to kill most valuable in human being in this case foreigner - human trust - basically murder person through trust and hatred issues) as I will not babysit(cheer) Czech crime either.

If 26 years of my life ruined means nothing to Czech republic, I will have Czech republic explain to international community(will do same at UN) what Czech republic brought me to Czech republic for for no less than 22 years. I remember nothing other than torture which ended with attack on me(after fulfilling new MK Ultra requirements as no longer was about ability to recall MK Ultra events to prove case, but instead causing life long spine injury and even as seen stealing personal property/breaking car and so on) and on trust of those who chose legal paths vs crime which Czech republic sponsored.

Final action and updated same evening

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