Monday, October 5, 2020

I told you already about Trump's miracle medications/vaccines for COVID 19 JUST prior to elections - he had COVID 19 but 10 years ago already. 

He fixed economy by introducing COVID 19 into one - cured same as prison/ educational(public services) etc. systems by inflating charges for one, using incompetent/corrupt exemptions(officers/teachers etc.) within one(deliberately crushing national/international average score) and introducing his own private options via which you taxpayers "save"(loose big on services, employment, inflation etc.) money. The Trump card....only for those(not even 10% of US population) who can afford one at expense of 90% of the population(if not even more)

Diabetes, drugs, crime world known as United States of America.

Other than that, big boy Donnie is still in the dippers. Didn't learn in his whole life how to hold spoon without assistance.

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