Saturday, October 3, 2020

MK ULTRA - Czech Polish police New Bohumin Old Bohumin Ostrava real MK Ultra issues twisted with state crime

Video can be also seen at
In Czech republic as well as in South of Poland(also Strykow'a area where big Don had has Corning and other US corporations), everything was in line with what portion of MK Ultra brainwash during which public flash mobs have insisted on importance my having relationship with mentioned psychologist Justyna Kedzierska - but stuff done in background during MK Ultra insisted on something different. Very very different. This was video recorded two days ago should have been part of mk ultra proof concerning library in old Bohumin :))))

This Czech Polish hatred entered Slovenia as well where in late stages heavy brainwash against took place AGAINST HER as well. SAD SELLOUTS(pathetic losers).

This is worse than CIA parasite in eastern Europe. Scariest and craziest man of all traitors. Passes Kaczysnki/Duda any time of the day.

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