Saturday, October 3, 2020

I will make it for both of us

 Don't you worry my friend

I was deeply stroke(saddened) by the news yesterday. I was certain for Zeljko to be alive and well...

This was a Croat known to Croatian government in 1996 as the furthest toward the east known Croat...came handy as a new sensation which would add to something Americans never ever had intention to bring to life in reality....I wonder about his death as a result of previous sentence.

Udanasnjem svijetu vise nisi(ja nikad nisam ni bio a oni koji su htjeli u meni vidjeti covjeka kako prvo platili so zivotima svoje greske) i nije COVJEK PRVO PA ONDA POLITIKA....pokvareni je svijet ko nikad prije. Zato je Zeljko i znao gledajuci sto su Amerikani Njmeci radili mnom kuda ide takozvana Europska Unija....

In Today's world, human no longer is on the first place but instead politic(I never ever was a human being and those who have seen in me human during MK Ultra paid their mistakes with lives)....its a rotten world like never before. Observing me(just in case you wonder why Zeljko changed his political view drastically) how Americans Germans were mistreating me, Zeljko understood where European Union's politic is heading....what real agenda of European Union politic is.

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