Saturday, October 3, 2020

Donald Trump and few other government officials acknowledged my psychologist as Russian death following me around

 basically Kremlin forcing down throat its views on me via unemployment, hospitalizations, beatings etc...

Andrej Babish, "we will try to help you we all f*** if you don't escape...dra dra dra".

It was Polish alone, some Ukrainian, Croatian, Slovenian, and even Russian assistance Trumpetin obtained in his conspiracy theories. With total precision to call whole thing as is. One thing on a day broad light in public and sometimes even in public and another in the rear away from public traffic...if "sometimes even in public", my stupid questions or remarks were answered with incitement of paranoia against her. TOTAL MANIA !!! WHACK JOBS. Shame disgrace and more than anything racism/nazism/ hatred. Division. Related to

Written here not released earlier as she bagged me not to talk/write about being "hated/unpopular" as she concluded does her no good - well as much as was/she is correct, hypocrisy these government officials cooked is a greater danger than as stated as good people willing to help no longer know what went what goes and possibly even what happened...stolen USB keys, stolen micro cards, stolen phones by Czechs are in hands of Amerikanos now. Its why I have to lay down a bit more even than what is on cards to ensure their value will be of no value at all ;)

Lets separate issues such as help/damage and good/evil. Its not the place, but the timing finally is right. Polish Czech Ukrainian Croat Slovenian and in some cases even Russian states(surprisingly did your friend Putin had plans for me with Russian blondes - not Navalny etc. only) just loved to confuse above issues a bit too often in my opinion...for me to be totally obligated aha(always for my good just as two hands and two legs are one of each too many on individual) and so on blah blah.

You are a bunch of filthy sick f**** in plain and simple English language. Luckily you don't hate me only, but also those who see humans before politics. All of those whom you have crippled/murdered with idea to blame it all on me via AMERIKKKAN conspiracy theories(violent shizo blame and shame lies rhetorics filled with corruption issues on levels of life)

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