Saturday, October 10, 2020

German neonazi Veit-Ulrich Braun(involved in my MK Ultra case some 16/17 perhaps more years) now becomes one of the most influential people in Slovenia through his spouse Tanja Fajon(ALSO involved in MK Ultra case but not anywhere even near as German neonazi now her husband Veit-Ulrich Braun).

Tanja Fajob became as of today a president of social democrats in Slovenia of which long time leader was current president Borut Pahor.

I am speechless. Goes same for German Natalie Kauther in Adrian Pollmann at the German embassy in Ljubljana.

@Merkel - I expect apology from German state for crime against me not help(I ALSO REJECT ONE) of any kind.

Merkel insisted on "help" issues in respect to my case, but who needs them from THE enemy once one was beaten up on a war field which deprived me of 26 years of life.

I welcome Tanja Fajon as a Slovenian girl without politic of any kind(as long as she keeps private) - specially not German politic. Don't want to have anything to do with her husband or be around him.

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