Sunday, October 11, 2020

CORRECTION: Tanja Fajon was involved in my MK Ultra case since 2004/2005 and know her husband since 1998 when one was not officially even a "leftist"(leftist career was chosen for him by Merkel alone)

While I am very concerned for Tanja's well being, I do not want to know about the rest due to above explained facts. Tanja blamed me for inability to have children(even that she will destroy me if I wouldn't give her chance to get involved) - that something was done to her(pregnancy related) when on mission abroad on which she departed according to her words because of me - to help me out. None of which I am disputing and due to what I will never turn back on her, but as far as her hubby its a no no. She alone had no clue about 1998 as stated above. 

She latter insisted to have entered with physician on her medical file that pregnancy problem existed already since her young years and assured me that she gave public interview on subject so I wouldn't' worry about(I saw she did in 2017 when I was in Belarus).

As I stated, very concerned for her but totally distrustful of her husband who does have children of his own in Germany. Our women are out biggest treasure.
Fact that he entered her life is not an coincidence. Related to

The one who introduced her to me was Borut Pahor - now president of Slovenia.

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