Saturday, October 10, 2020

In the book of scams/crime/violence psychologists prepared via MK Ultra in respect to my case for Donald Trump - Trump has nothing to look forward too any longer

 its all behind(hardest political issues finished - my trust based on nothing but AmeroGerman betrayal failed indefinitely) and brutally points in his direction as the source of crime.

Yes, criminal had entire war against me book(MK Ultra crime for which they anticipated my case would become thing of the past - invisible as would fade away) infront of him based on which he and US Government drew decisions on how much damage they caused me over the period of 26 years.

Private battalion of criminals US Government hired against me will now face(NO MORE POLITIC AS WE KNOW WHERE WE STAND AS WORLD) only incrementing audio recordings which will confirm my being tortured fir the sake of politic mentioned above all over the world and not only in Poland/Czech rep....its a shame...a real shame I landed in country like this, but I don't regret or object God's will !!! There is reason for everything and I accept it as is.

US Government knows on what page I am and its why state this publicly(wouldn't otherwise).

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