Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Despite theft, I still was left with million and one MK Ultra proof about MK Ultra in CZECH REP.

numerous proofs and many people will even confirm here stated. THEFT DIDN'T AND WON'T DO ANY GOOD TO ADRZEJ BABIS. His question will be resolved within days - attempt to revive one in any way will result minimum in a loss of time(will not negotiate this very issue) who believe can be done.

Theft of proofs was bad - angering to be precise.

Never mind property he destroyed even that car was my home at the time , but theft of phones, SD cards, USB keys held numerous audio recordings which never ever will come to life as a result obtained via recalls from memory about abuse that took place in Czech republic was a bit worse..."worse" enough for Babis to use above term "revive".

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